Fitbit One

Keep It Simple St*pid – one of the simplest little Fitbits is the Fitbit One.

This little device is perfect for people who don’t need a tracker with an overwhelming number of features, but just the most useful ones. Fitbit One is reliable and relatively accurate, while also boasting relatively good battery life, compared to some high-end Fitbit devices.

However, the product does come with its drawbacks, such as the price tag attached to it, and a limited number of features. Again, this a product for people who like simple devices with only the basic features, so, if you want something more elaborate, you should look somewhere else.

The Fitbit One – Fitness 101

Fitbit One is, at its core, an upgraded version of the Fitbit Zip, offering more features but a weaker battery. In comparison with more contemporary devices, One falls behind, but it’s still pretty relevant, thanks to its simplicity and intuitiveness when connecting to phones and computers.

It is easy to understand how it operates, and easy to understand how to navigate it, making it an excellent product for novices and people unfamiliar with the operations of a tracker. Going back to the battery, One has an effective runtime of seven days. This is not bad, compared to smartwatch-like products, who have runtimes of five days at most.

However, this runtime is much worse than Zip’s, as Zip can keep going for a month at a time. Even so, it’s important to see the distinction between the two, as Zip has a non-rechargeable battery, while One has a rechargeable battery. This is, overall, more annoying, but it will also save you some money because you don’t have to buy the batteries.

Fitbit One Features

In terms of features, what can One measure? Like we mentioned, its functions are pretty basic – the device can count your steps, measure distance travelled, stairs climbed, calories burnt and even has a silent alarm that should wake you up ever so gently. That being said, the device features a standalone design, but you can get a strap for it. The module is put into the strap and taken out during charging.

These, as you can see, are pretty much standard features. However, this product boasts one more feature that is, in the least, interesting, and, at best, very useful. Namely, One can monitor you while you sleep, and keep track of your sleeping patterns. The tracker can not only keep track of how many hours you’ve slept but also how many times have you woken during the night.

Now, this may not be crucial bits of information four your weight loss, but it sure is very useful for people who have trouble sleeping. Going to the sleep clinic is, most assuredly, expensive, so owning something like the Fitbit One that keeps an eye on you and gathers data while you sleep is a much better option.

But what about the tracker’s interface? One is a small device, so you shouldn’t expect anything extravagant from it. One features a small screen that displays the basic information on it. There is a button on it that lets you scroll through the information, and this function appears to work seamlessly. In terms of accuracy, the tracker is very accurate, which is more than can be said for many fitness trackers. Its accuracy isn’t absolute, but it’s still fairly good. The calorie tracker is spot on, and so is the sleep tracker.

As we said, most of the features can be viewed on the device’s small screen. However, the sleep tracker can’t display its information on the screen. With that being said, you need to refer to the app in order to get that information.
With that being said, let’s see how are the device’s connectivity and compatibility. Granted, the product doesn’t cover a lot of devices, but the devices it can connect to will accept One without a hitch, with the connection between the devices being rock-solid.

The reason behind this is that One features Bluetooth 4.0, allowing it to connect to your phone or computer automatically. One will stay connected, and update its status every now and then. Fitbit One is compatible with PCs, Macs, iPhone4S and iPhone 5. It’s also capable of connecting to several Android devices too, so Galaxy users don’t feel left out.

Fitbit One Price

Finally, let’s say a few things about One’s price. Looking at what the product offers, and its shortcomings in the shape of limited features, the product is a bit overpriced. It costs around $100. Now, consider that Flex 2 costs also a hundred bucks, and that the Charge 2 costs about $150, with some sellers having dropped its price by as much as 20 dollars. However, One works as advertised, and its features, though not in exuberant quantity, constitute everything you would want in a simple, reliable, intuitive fitness tracker. In our eyes, that’s still solid value for the money.

Fitbit One – Conclusion

All in all, Fitbit one is a satisfactory product. It doesn’t offer many features, but the one that it does offer are more than worthy of your notice. Not only that, but it has only a few drawbacks, such as a limited number of devices it can connect to, and a slightly elevated price.

We already said in the intro that Fitbit One is a product intended for people new to the whole fitness tracker thing, and makes for a good entry device, despite its price.

If you’re looking for an advanced device with advanced data analysis capabilities, you should go somewhere else. But, if a basic device is good enough for you, then you should definitely consider the Fitbit One.

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