Fitbit Alta Review

Fitbit, being the prominent company it is, has produced a huge number of products. Among those are efficient devices, simple devices, powerful devices, well-rounded devices, and even a few duds.

But, we’ve never talked about pretty devices. Of course, we in the reviews we always mentioned the design of the product and if it looks good or not. However, looks always took a back seat in comparison to performance, as this was our primary concern and primary way of determining if the product was to be recommended or not.
However, today we’ll be presenting one Fitbit tracker whose style and design simply excels and is impossible not to notice. The product we’re talking about is the pretty face of Fitbit, the Fitbit Alta.

The Fitbit Alta – a tracker with Style and Substance

Let’s be clear about one thing – if you think Alta is just a pretty face, you’re sorely mistaken. Sure, it may not have as many features as Charge 2, but it still performs well and has enough features to keep you interested and well-informed about the state of your own body. Alta combines excellent style with a good deal of substance, producing one excellently-rounded device.

Indeed, Alta is one of the best fitness trackers you can get for yourself and boasts high ratings on pretty much every tech site, with warm recommendations attached to it.

Fitbit Alta Design

So, having said that this is one beautiful tracker, let’s start from describing its design. The reason Alta is so well-liked is because it has a very sleek and contemporary design. It’s not too big nor too small, but just right. It is also highly comfortable, boasting some of the softest and most convenient straps of all Fitbit trackers. The entire bracelet doesn’t stand out but blends naturally with your outfit.

In fact, people won’t even know this is fitness tracker until you fire it up. The module itself features a black screen and is curved to take the natural shape of your wrist, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you’re wearing the device for a long time. The strap is a simple clip-on in the style of Fitbit Flex, but with the holes being more numerous and more conveniently placed. The strap is very soft and light, and very gentle on your skin, making sure your wrist doesn’t get all sweaty and so you don’t develop a rash. The straps do collect a little bit more dust than usual, but that’s not that much of a problem.

Fitbit Alta Features

Alright, we’ve admired Alta’s looks, and now’s the time to get to the technical part of the review. Of course, a stylish fitness tracker is worth nothing if it can’t perform its duty. Luckily, Alta has some pretty good features, although it has some shortcomings too.

For starters, looking at the product’s functions, you can see that it has about the basic features, with some advanced features having been added recently. Using the tracker, you can keep count of your steps, calories burnt and flights of steps scaled. Pretty standard. Alta is very accurate too, which only increases the device’s worth and utility. However, Alta doesn’t feature a heart rate tracker.

It also didn’t use to features a sleep tracker, but now this too has been added. And not only has Fitbit added a sleep tracker but increased its utility by allowing it to track more data and even create a sleeping plan for you. Along with all that, Alta features SmartTrack feature that turns the device on as soon as it senses you’re exercising. This is very convenient, as it frees you of the inconvenience of having to turn the thing on every time you want to start exercising. Alta is meant to be carried on one’s person at all times and is conceptualized to be a hustle-free item, and SmartTrack feature allows it to be just that.

When compatibility is concerned, the device features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, allowing it to connect as soon as it comes within the range of a device. It will also update automatically every once in a while and send additional data to your device. The tracker is paired up with an app that Fitbit developed themselves, and the app works like a charm, supporting the device marvellously, and making it easy for you to draw out the product’s maximum potential.

However, Alta is largely dependent on the app to work. As a standalone device, Alta is not very useful. The small screen is readable and clear – however, it shows only the basic information about your workout and daily regime. The screen is also not that sensitive to touch, and you’ll find yourself often tapping it furiously. Smartphone this is not.

Lastly, let’s say something about the product’s battery. Indeed, with all these features and the advanced OLED screen, you would think that the device’s battery doesn’t last that long. However, this is not the case – Alta can keep running for five days, and, with a little care, will last for a week. The battery also charges very quickly, thanks to the smart clip-on charger. The module can be taken out and charged separately, but, if you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to.

Alta’s price? Around $130. A very fair price for a fair product.

Fitbit Alta Review – Conclusion

Verdict? Excellent. For 130 bucks, it’s hard to beat Fitbit Alta. The product is stylish and useful, bringing both worlds together and balancing them perfectly. Alta has its drawbacks, mainly the absence of GPS and heart rate monitor, and a slightly unresponsive screen, but the product functions amazingly, especially when combined with the Fitbit original app. It’s not a product for hard core fitness freaks, but it’s more than enough for beginner and even advanced users.