Fitbit Alta HR Review

Remember the face of Fitbit, the Fitbit Alta? Well, the original just got upgraded, and it’s shinier with even. Well, not so much. Alta HR, as the new product is called is, basically, an Alta with a little something added, like a few features.

However, the product remains to be an Alta, a very stylish and attractive device that will not only make you out to be a person who takes care of their body on the inside but somebody who takes care of their outward appearance too. If you wish to know more about Fitbit Alta HR, stick around, and take a look as we dissect this beauty in our review below.

Fitbit Alta HR – Alta with a Little Something

Now, let’s say something about the product’s bad sides. For one, Alta HR, like the original Alta has a fairly unresponsive screen. Yes, the screen allows you to scroll and view different pieces of information, but this is no iPhone and you will probably end up sliding your finger furiously across the screen trying to get it to move. The “lift to wake” feature works arbitrarily, sometimes rousing the device, sometimes not.

The device can receive notifications and even enable you to read texts, but the actual text is small and placed vertically, so you won’t be able to read it. not only that but because of the sluggish response from the display, scrolling down will be a drag.

Lastly, a word or two about the battery and price. Alta HR has a very acceptable battery, one that is capable of lasting for about seven days before burning out. However, the charger is a little awkward to handle and the charging takes some time to complete. The product is not the most affordable one, carrying a current price tag of about $150.

Fitbit Alta HR Review – Conclusion

In the end, is Alta HR worth buying? If you can afford it, certainly. It may not be feature rich Charge 2, but the readings the device does offer are accurate and to the point. Also, let’s not forget that this fitness tracker looks great on you, no matter what outfit you choose to wear.

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